How Does It Works

The technician simply needs to plug in the Cloud7 into the car’s OBD port. Login to our portal which will open up a chat with an engineer who will be able to take control of the session and carry out work as requested by you. Job done, ticket is closed.

Step 1

Plug the cloud7 cable into the OBD port, and then make sure the Cloud7 device is connected to your local network via WIFI/LAN ( a one time connection, see Set up guide in the menu )

Step 2

Login to your portal, choose the service that you require which creates a ticket and then connects you to one of our expert technicians, who will then take over the session and will talk to you via the messaging feature within your portal to complete the job.

Step 3

Once the job is complete, the ticket is closed and an invoice for that ticket is emailed to you.