A solution  for all your diagnostics, module coding and ADAS programming.

Who We Are?

At Cloud 7, we specialise in solving complex problems with modern cars involving key programming, diagnostics/fault finding and coding.

We aim to do everything the dealer can do and everything the dealer can’t do, making us a one-stop solution for anything that requires a laptop and a car.

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Back Story

It all started with a complex problem that we had and were desperate to solve.

This was the scaling of our services to be able to provide more value to our existing customers and maintain the level of service that they’re used to from us. The main issue was hiring and training staff and equipping each mobile workshop with all the required software and tools to be able to complete jobs and with the diversity of car brands and models we knew this wouldn’t be easy to ace and maintain without burning out so we knew that scaling our services with this model was not sustainable and would only lead to inefficiency.

Cloud7 was the solution, we have now scaled maintaining the same level of service and this model is now very much sustainable.

How does it work?

The technician simply needs to plug in the Cloud7 into the car’s OBD port. Login to our portal which will open up a chat with an engineer who will be able to take control of the session and carry out work as requested by you. Job done, ticket is closed.

What can be done with Cloud7?

Basically anything that can be done with a dealer tool or even an after market tool can be used remotely to work on the car so there’s absolutely no limitations in that regard. Some common needs and uses are:

  • Diagnostics investigations and clearing fault codes / lights.
  • Module coding such as headlights, steering racks, ECUs etc.
  • ADAS calibrations.
  • Reprogramming/flashing software in vehicle modules.
  • Security, including keys, immobilizers, steering locks, gearboxes and ECUs.